Reasons to use SULAR for Your farming future!..


• Turkeys first irrigation company offering return of the machine. You are able to use the machine for one month.


• and if it doesn’t satisfy Your expectations we guarantee You to return our product.


• We are producing with a combined experience of 42 years in this agriculture sector.


• 5 years guarantee


• You can move our machine from field to field.


• Easy to setup; it takes 10 minutes and requires just one person


• 24/7 customer service


• You will save on workers, energy and water


• It waters the fields accurate and equally


• It works on high slopes and windy days


• Her yıl kaybolon, kırılan boru ve fiskiye derdi yok.


• Your crop yield will increase by 80%


• We haven’t discovered yet how long our machines last because the once we have manufactured 40 years ago are still working


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Innovation for all farmers!


After a long process of research and development we have managed to add another unique feature to our irrigation machine..


We are now happy to announce that the farmers which used to spread the animal manure as fertilizer on their fields with the help of several other machinery are now able to do all of this work in one machine. With the additional add on that can be placed on our irrigation machine the farmers are now able to spread the fertilizers on an equal stage with our irrigation machine.


You can now irrigate and spread fertilizers on your fields at the same time.


This will enable You to save time, money, energy and result in a more efficient farming method.







Worlds most economic irrigation method!

You will be able to do two things at once and save up time and energy.


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