Our firm is producing irrigation machines in Sanliurfa, Turkey since 2001


Global warming is showing us the importance of water and its importance to our life’s.

SULAR is aiming to stop the inefficient and harming irrigation methods which are still used by a vast majority of farmers in Turkey.


Currently some farmers are still flooding the fields which causes high amounts of erosion and all the nutrients that the soil contains is getting washed off. Another method of irrigation that is still in use is with the help of pipes which have to be spread by workers all over the fields. This method is very costly and results in a high lack of efficiency.

With the help of our irrigation machine we are giving the opportunity to irrigate the fields in the most efficient way. Our system is the cheapest method that You will be able to find out in the market that at the same time will result in several positive impacts such as saving time, energy, water, money and other positive effects such as an high increase in crop yields.


Our machine is designed to enable an easy use. That’s why SULAR experiences a full satisfactory rate by its customers.

We are currently producing with the help of 12 years experience in this sector 18 different types of irrigation machines.

The fact that our firm just produces irrigation machines gives us an advantage to our competitors. That’s why our Research and Development department is just concentrating on irrigation.

Our main vision is to not expand our production in various different areas of agriculture we only want to produce irrigation machines offering our customers always the newest technology custom made to their own needs.


We are happy to say that our machine gives our farmers the opportunity to save money and increase their crop yield. This will result in a more efficient agriculture sector which will benefit Turkey and its citizens in first place.


Worlds most economic irrigation method!

You will be able to do two things at once and save up time and energy.


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